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Filter Tips
1| or  OR Logical "or" (Vertical bar). Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the bar
2 &&  or  AND Logical "and". Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the operator.
3/\d/Add any regex to the query to use in the query ("mig" flags can be included /\w/mig)
4< <= >= >Find alphabetical or numerical values less than or greater than or equal to the filtered query
5! or !=Not operator, or not exactly match. Filter the column with content that do not match the query. Include an equal (=), single (') or double quote (") to exactly not match a filter.
6" or =To exactly match the search query, add a quote, apostrophe or equal sign to the beginning and/or end of the query
7 -  or  to Find a range of values. Make sure there is a space before and after the dash (or the word "to")
8?Wildcard for a single, non-space character.
8*Wildcard for zero or more non-space characters.
9~Perform a fuzzy search (matches sequential characters) by adding a tilde to the beginning of the query
10textAny text entered in the filter will match text found within the column
Prospect Team NameDraft Year Overall Pick Information Lien
Aapeli RasanenNordiques
Aarne TalvitieNordiques201893
Aatu RatyRoadrunners
Adam BeckmanNordiques202051
Adam EngstromGongshow
Adam HuskaNordiques201680
Adam KlapkaNordiques
Adam MascherinLumberJacks
Adam SykoraRoadrunners
Adam WilsbyFighting Irish202188
Akil ThomasWolf
Akira SchmidKraken202181
Albert JohanssonBikers202046
Albin ErikssonNordiques
Alec RegulaFighting Irish
Aleksi HeimosalmiPenguins
Aleksi HeponiemiStallions201834
Aleksi SaarelaLumberJacks201685
Alex Barré-BouletPenguins201839
Alex BeaucageNordiques202062
Alex DostieThunder
Alex LaferriereWolf202162
Alex TurcotteMariners20208
Alex VlasicRoadrunners2020104
Alexander AlexeyevFlash
Alexander HoltzFlash
Alexander KhovanovBulldogs202037
Alexander NikishinNordiques
Alexander NylanderDogbones
Alexander VolkovBlue Jackets201833
Alexandre FortinFighting Irish201666
Alexei KolosovWolverines
Amadeus LombardiWhalers
Amir MiftakhovNordiques202180
Andrew NielsenNordiques201690
Angus CrookshankWolverines
Anthony AngelloPenguins
Antoine MorandIcedogs201869
Anton OlssonNordiques
Antonio StrangesMariners
Antti TuomistoNordiques202081
Anttoni HonkaRoadrunners202089
Arseni SergeevNordiques
Arseny GritsyukNordiques
Arshdeep BainsBraves
Artemi KniazevBulldogs202068
Arttu RuotsalainenMariners202091
Arturs SilovsNordiques
Artyom DudaFlash
Arvid SoderblomSens
Axel AnderssonFlash
Axel BergkvistNordiques202092
Axel HolmstromNordiques
Ayrton MartinoWolf
Ben HemmerlingPenguins
Ben MacDonaldLumberJacks
Ben MeyersStallions
Benjamin GaudreauWolf
Benoit-Olivier GroulxSens
Bobby BrinkPirates202058
Bode WildeIcedogs
Brad LambertWolverines
Brandon BiroBraves
Brandon CoePirates202185
Brandon HalversonLumberJacks
Brandt ClarkeDogbones
Brayden TraceyFlash202040
Brendan BrissonPenguins
Brendan GuhleRoadrunners
Brendan PerliniDogbones
Brennan OthmannIcedogs
Brett BerardIcedogs202183
Brett PollockFlash
Brett SeneyChiefs2020113
Brinson PasichnukWolf2021110
Brock FaberBikers
Brody LambWhalers
Bryce McConnell-BarkerWolf
Brycen MartinLumberJacks
Caedan BankierPirates
Calle ClangIcedogs202160
Calle OdeliusBikers
Cam LundBraves
Cameron MorrisonLumberJacks
Carey Price 10 500 000-4Blue Jackets
Carl LindbomNordiques
Carson LambosBikers
Carter GylanderNordiques2020110
Carter MazurIcedogs
Carter SavoieRoadrunners202153
Cayden PrimeauWolf201868
Cedrick GuindonLumberJacks
Chad KrysNordiques
Chase De LeoBlue Jackets
Chase PriskieNordiques201897
Chase StillmanFighting Irish
Chaz LuciusFlash
Christian JarosPirates
Christian KyrouKraken
Christoffer EhnChiefs
Clay StevensonIcedogs
Cole HultsMariners
Cole PerfettiWolf
Cole ReinhardtSens
Cole SchwindtWolverines202095
Colten EllisFighting Irish2020108
Colton DachLumberJacks
Colton PointNordiques
Conner BleackleyFighting Irish
Conner RouletteWolf
Connor HurleyMariners
Connor LockhartWolf
Connor ZaryWolf
Conor GeekieKraken
Corson CeulemansMariners
Cross HanasIcedogs202182
Cruz LuciusBraves
Cutter GauthierBikers
Daniel TorgerssonPirates
Daniel ZhilkinBikers
Daniil ChaykaWolf
Danil GushchinNordiques202157
Danila KlimovichKraken
Danila YurovMariners
David FarranceNordiques202048
David GoyetteLumberJacks
David GustafssonNordiques
David JiricekBlue Jackets
David SpacekPenguins
Declan ChisholmNordiques
Denis MalginNordiques
Dennis HildebyKraken
Denton MateychukMariners
Devon LeviRoadrunners
Dillon HeatheringtonLumberJacks
Dmitri SamorukovNordiques
Dmitry RashevskyNordiques
Dmitry SokolovNordiques201866
Dmitry VoronkovKraken2020120
Dmitry ZavgorodniyBulldogs202086
Dmytro TimashovLumberJacks
Dominic TurgeonGongshow
Dominik BokkLumberJacks
Drew CommessoPirates202186
Drew HellesonPirates202073
Dustin WolfBulldogs202056
Dylan DukeIcedogs
Dylan GarandWolverines202191
Dylan GuentherBulldogs
Dylan SadowyGongshow
Dylan SambergSens201843
Eetu MakiniemiNordiques
Egor AfanasyevNordiques202049
Egor SokolovPirates202149
Egor ZamulaBulldogs202039
Elias PetterssonWhalers
Elias SalomonssonPenguins
Elliot DesnoyersGongshow2021107
Elmer SoderblomChiefs202098
Emil AndraeBlue Jackets202174
Emil HeinemanPirates202171
Emilio PettersenIcedogs
Erik PortilloKraken2020116
Ethan CardwellFighting Irish
Ethan Del MastroBikers
Evan BarrattNordiques201832
Evan NauseKraken
Fabian LysellPenguins
Fabian ZetterlundPirates
Fedor SvechkovWhalers
Felix SandstromRoadrunners
Filip BystedtIcedogs
Filip ChlapikNordiques
Filip GustavssonChiefs201888
Filip HallanderBraves
Filip JohanssonNordiques
Filip LarssonSens
Filip MesarPirates
Filip NordbergWhalers
Francesco PinelliKraken
Francis PerronSens
Frank NazarPenguins
Fraser MintenRoadrunners
Frédéric BrunetLumberJacks
Gabriel CarlssonGongshow201663
Gage AlexanderPirates
Gavin HayesFighting Irish
German RubtsovLumberJacks
Gianni FairbrotherKraken2020112
Giovanni FioreMariners
Glenn GawdinPirates
Graeme ClarkeKraken2020118
Graham SwardWolf
Grant MismashIcedogs201889
Grigori DenisenkoThunder
Gustav BourammanLumberJacks201696
Gustav OlofssonIcedogs
Haakon HaneltPenguins
Hardy Haman-AktellMariners
Helge GransIcedogs
Hendrix LapierreGongshow
Henri NikkanenPirates2020119
Henry ThrunNordiques
Hudson FaschingNordiques
Hugo AlnefeltNordiques202050
Hunter JonesKraken202075
Ian ScottNordiques201873
Ilya KonovalovBulldogs202078
Ilya SafonovMariners
Isaac BelliveauStallions
Isaac HowardIcedogs
Isaac RatcliffeMariners201850
Isaiah GeorgePenguins
Isak RosenStallions
Ivan ChekhovichNordiques201872
Ivan MiroshnichenkoSens
Ivan MorozovNordiques
Ivan ProsvetovStallions
Jachym KondelikNordiques
Jack DevineBraves
Jack DoughertyIcedogs
Jack DruryBraves
Jack DuganNordiques201875
Jack FinleyRoadrunners202197
Jack GloverPirates
Jack HughesWhalers
Jack MatierBraves
Jack McBainNordiques2020101
Jack PeartNordiques
Jack QuinnSens
Jack RathboneWolf202055
Jack SparkesWolverines
Jack ThompsonKraken2021103
Jackson BlakePirates
Jackson LaCombeNordiques2020106
Jacob Bernard-DockerThunder
Jacob ChristiansenMariners202166
Jacob PerreaultMariners
Jagger FirkusStallions
Jake NeighboursRoadrunners
Jake SandersonSens
Jake VirtanenSens
Jake WalmanNordiques
Jake WiseWolf
Jakob Forsbacka-KarlssonLumberJacks
Jakob PelletierMariners202024
Jakub BrabenecStallions
Jakub LaukoPirates
James MalatestaPenguins
Jamieson ReesKraken202053
Jan JenikNordiques
Jan MysakIcedogs
Jani NymanRoadrunners
Jared McIsaacFighting Irish
Jaroslav ChmelarNordiques
Jay O'BrienMariners
Jayce HawrylukNordiques
Jayden GrubbeBraves
Jayden HalbgewachsMariners201852
Jayden StrubleMariners202038
Jean-Luc FoudyMariners202161
Jeremie PoirierWolverines202155
Jeremy BraccoMariners
Jeremy LangloisWolf
Jeremy RoyIcedogs
Jesper WallstedtWhalers
Jesse YlonenStallions
Jett WooPirates
Jimmy SnuggerudIcedogs
Jiri KulichBulldogs
Joachim BlichfeldRoadrunners
Joakim KemellRoadrunners
Joe HickettsNordiques
Joel BlomqvistPenguins202193
Joel HoferNordiques202061
Joel TeasdaleGongshow202096
Joey AndersonThunder
Joey DaccordStallions2020111
Johannes KinnvallBulldogs202083
John BeecherPirates202042
John FarinacciFighting Irish202085
John LudvigKraken202097
John PeterkaPenguins
John QuennevilleRoadrunners
Jonas RondbjergNordiques201884
Jonatan BerggrenNordiques
Jonathan DavidssonIcedogs201849
Jonathan GrudenPenguins2021102
Jonathan LekkerimäkiMariners
Joni IkonenWolf201871
Joni JurmoFighting Irish202192
Jordan DumaisMariners
Jordan HarrisWolf2020103
Jordan SpenceStallions202044
Jordan StallardWolverines
Josef KorenarBulldogs
Joseph WollNordiques
Josh BloomFlash
Josh BrookGongshow201846
Josh DoanBraves
Josh FilmonFlash
Josh Ho-sangNordiques
Josh ManiscalcoSens202093
Joshua JacobsWolf
Joshua RoyPirates
Julian LutzWhalers
Julius BergmanWolf
Julius HonkaNordiques
Julius NattinenRoadrunners201676
Justin BarronSens
Justin KirklandLumberJacks
Justin RobidasBraves
Justin SourdifPirates2021106
Justus AnnunenSens
Juuso ParssinenNordiques
Kaedan KorczakChiefs202069
Kaiden GuhlePirates
Kasper BjorkqvistPenguins
Kasper SimontaivalIcedogs202151
Keith PetruzzelliSens2020109
Kevin KorchinskiBulldogs
Kevin MandoleseSens2020115
Kieffer BellowsRoadrunners
Klim KostinNordiques201827
Kole LindNordiques201853
Kristian VesalainenBikers201825
Kyle MastersBraves
Lane HutsonBraves
Lassi ThomsonRoadrunners202045
Lawrence PilutSens201878
Leevi MerilainenSens
Liam KirkBulldogs2021104
Liam ÖhgrenWhalers
Lian BichselBikers
Lias AnderssonLumberJacks201821
Linus KarlssonNordiques
Linus SoderstromNordiques
Logan CooleyWolverines
Logan HutskoPenguins2020100
Logan MaillouxGongshow
Logan StankovenBikers
Luca Del Bel BelluzKraken
Luca MunzenbergerWhalers
Lucas EdmondsKraken
Lucas ElvenesNordiques
Lucas JohansenPirates
Ludvig JanssonIcedogs
Lukas CormierBikers
Lukas DostalNordiques
Lukas ParikNordiques202099
Lukas ReichelIcedogs
Luke EvangelistaWolf202167
Luke HughesSens
Luke ProkopNordiques
Luke TuchPirates202150
Mackie SamoskevichRoadrunners
Mads SogaardSens202032
Manix LandryGongshow
Marat KhusnutdinovBikers202168
Marc Del GaizoWolverines202088
Marco KasperFlash
Marco RossiBulldogs
Marcus DavidssonRoadrunners201861
Mark KastelicSens
Martin ChromiakWolverines202170
Martin KautStallions
Martin PospisilNordiques
Mason LohreiDogbones
Mason ShawMariners201883
Matej BlümelNordiques202066
Matej PekarRoadrunners
Matias MaccelliNordiques202070
Matt CoronatoFlash
Matt LuffPirates201855
Matthew KniesDogbones
Matthew MaggioBikers
Matthew PhillipsBikers
Matthew PoitrasKraken
Matthew RobertsonFighting Irish202063
Matthew SavoieChiefs
Matthew VillaltaStallions
Mattias HavelidKraken
Mattias NorlinderThunder202041
Matty BeniersGongshow
Matvey PetrovWolf
Matyas SapovalivKraken
Maveric LamoureuxBraves
Mavrik BourquePirates
Max GildonIcedogs201874
Max VeronneauPirates
Maxim LetunovFlash
Maximilian KilpinenBraves
Michael BenningPirates202194
Michael BuchingerLumberJacks
Michael DiPietroWolverines201854
Michael SpacekLumberJacks201683
Michal TeplyBulldogs202090
Mikhail AbramovBulldogs202071
Morgan BarronNordiques
Nathan GaucherLumberJacks
Nathan LégaréPenguins202060
Nick AbruzzeseBulldogs202082
Nick BlankenburgFlash
Nick RobertsonBulldogs202015
Nicklaus PerbixKraken
Nico DawsWolf202169
Nicolas BeaudinSens
Nicolas MelocheDogbones
Nikita AlexandrovBulldogs202077
Nikita ChibrikovFlash
Nikita NovikovBraves
Nikita ScherbakIcedogs
Niklas KokkoWhalers
Niklas NordgrenLumberJacks
Niko HuuhtanenWolverines
Nikolai KovalenkoNordiques
Noah EllisFighting Irish2021101
Noah JuulsenLumberJacks
Noah OstlundWhalers
Noah RodNordiques
Noah WarrenWhalers
Noel GunlerWolverines
Nolan AllanFighting Irish
Nolan FooteDogbones202030
Odeen TuftoNordiques202199
Olen ZellwegerIcedogs
Oliver KapanenNordiques
Oliver TarnstromDogbones202176
Olivier NadeauLumberJacks
Olivier RodrigueLumberJacks
Olli JuoleviThunder
Olof LindbomNordiques
Oskar LindblomNordiques201876
Oskar OlaussonIcedogs
Otto KoivulaMariners202065
Owen BeckWhalers
Owen PickeringFlash
Owen PowerNordiques
Ozzy WiesblattKraken
Patrick HarperPirates
Patrik HamrlaFighting Irish
Patrik PuistolaFighting Irish202084
Paul BittnerIcedogs
Paul CotterSens
Paul LudwinskiPirates
Pavel DorofeyevNordiques202057
Pavel GogolevWolf2021109
Pavel MintyukovNordiques
Pavol RegendaWhalers
Philip BrobergNordiques202026
Pierre-Olivier JosephLumberJacks201841
Quinn FinleyWolverines
Radim ZohornaPenguins202154
Radovan BondraFighting Irish201694
Raphael LavoiePirates202029
Rasmus KupariNordiques
Redmond SavageBraves
Reid SchaeferPirates
Reilly WalshNordiques201856
Ridly GreigSens
Rieger LorenzWhalers
Riley DamianiBlue Jackets202196
Riley KidneyBraves
Riley TufteRoadrunners
Robert OrrBraves
Robin Lehner 4 875 000-3 ansFighting Irish
Robin SaloWolverines2021108
Roby JarventieIcedogs
Rodion AmirovNordiques
Roman SchmidtBraves
Roni HirvonenBlue Jackets
Ronnie AttardKraken2020114
Rourke ChartierWolf
Ruslan IskhakovNordiques
Rutger McGroartyStallions
Ryan ChesleyBikers
Ryan Ellis 6 250 000-5ansBlue Jackets
Ryan GreeneFlash
Ryan GroppFighting Irish
Ryan JohnsonIcedogs202036
Ryan MacInnisIcedogs
Ryan McAllisterNordiques
Ryan O'RourkeIcedogs
Ryan SuzukiPirates202027
Ryan UfkoFlash
Ryan WintertonBraves
Ryker EvansKraken
Sam ColangeloFlash202164
Sam LipkinNordiques
Sam RinzelBraves
Sam StangePirates202184
Sami NikuIcedogs201879
Samu TuomaalaBraves
Samuel BolducWolf202079
Samuel FagemoRoadrunners202035
Samuel HeleniusWhalers
Samuel JohannessonNordiques
Samuel KnazkoPirates202179
Samuel PoulinPenguins202016
Samuel SavoieWhalers
Sasha ChmelevskiIcedogs
Sasha PastujovMariners
Scott MorrowPenguins
Scott PerunovichNordiques
Seamus CaseyBraves
Sean BehrensIcedogs
Sean DayBlue Jackets
Sean FarrellBraves202156
Sebastian CossaSens
Serron NoelWolverines
Shai BuiumBraves
Shakir MukhamadullinMariners
Shane BowersIcedogs201864
Shane PintoRoadrunners202033
Shane WrightBlue Jackets
Simon EdvinssonPenguins
Simon HolmstromStallions202043
Simon NemecBraves
Simon RobertssonBraves
Stanislav SvozilBlue Jackets
Stephen HallidayBraves
Tanner LaczynskiNordiques201892
Taylor MakarWhalers
Taylor RaddyshKraken
Theodor NiederbachPirates202172
Thomas BordeleauBraves
Thomas HarleyRoadrunners202023
Topi NiemelaBikers
Tristan BrozPenguins
Tristan LennoxSens
Tristan LuneauNordiques
Tristen RobinsWolf202163
Tucker RobertsonLumberJacks
Ty NelsonWhalers
Ty SmilanicFighting Irish202175
Ty VoitMariners
Tyce ThompsonNordiques202064
Tye KartyeWhalers
Tyler AngleBlue Jackets202190
Tyler BensonNordiques
Tyler BoucherWolverines
Tyler KlevenPirates202189
Tyler MaddenFlash
Tyler ParsonsIcedogs
Tyler SteenbergenMariners201870
Tyson FoersterBlue Jackets
Tyson HindsSens
Ukko-Pekka LuukkonenRoadrunners
Urho VaakanainenFlash201830
Vasily PonomarevNordiques202178
Veeti MiettinenKraken202159
Victor SoderstromPirates202031
Viktor NeuchevPenguins
Vili SaarijarviRoadrunners
Ville HeinolaNordiques202010
Ville KoivunenNordiques
Vincent IorioBraves
Vinzenz RohrerWhalers
Vitali KravtsovBulldogs
Vitaly AbramovLumberJacks
Vladislav KamenevBlue Jackets
Vsevolod KomarovBikers
Wade AllisonNordiques201886
Will CuylleFlash2021100
William DufourBikers
William EklundFlash
William StromgrenWhalers
William VilleneuveWolverines202177
William WallinderMariners
Wyatt JohnstonPenguins
Xavier BourgaultThunder
Xavier SimoneauBraves
Yan KuznetsovWolf202198
Yaroslav AskarovBraves
Yegor KorshkovNordiques
Zac JonesNordiques202094
Zachary BolducMariners
Zachary DeanBraves
Zachary L'HeureuxWolverines
Zachary SenyshynIcedogs
Zack OstapchukBikers
Zayde WisdomPirates202187
Zion NybeckWolverines202173